A New Attachment for The DualShock 4 Adds Back Buttons

dualshock 4

If you don’t think you have enough buttons for the Playstation 4 controller, this new Dualshock 4 attachment might be for you.

Today, Sony announced a new product for the DualShock 4 controller. The device is called the Back Button Attachment. It attaches to the bottom of the controller, as seen in the video below. It has two buttons, which can be mapped to 16 different functions.

In addition to this, It also has an OLED screen – which shows the button assignments and the profile. The button has a screen built-in, which also allows gamers to switch between different assignment profiles. Finally, the device also has a Stereo headset jack, which lets you connect your wired headset.

The attachment will launch in late January for $29.99.

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