A Nintendo Playstation Was Sold For $300,000 At An Auction

How dedicated are you to gaming? If you think you are, you haven’t met the person who purchased a $300,000 Nintendo Playstation.

If you don’t know what the console is, it’s basically a Super NES that has a CD Drive. It’s really rare – only 200 of them were manufactured.¬† It was made in 1992, and was rumored¬† to play both SNES cartridges and CD-based games. However, no CD games were ever made for the console.

As of now, this is the most expensive video game item ever sold. However, it could have sold for even more. Originally,¬† the seller received an offer for $1.2 million. Instead, he started an auction. What’s even crazier is the person who owned the device only paid $75 when the acquired it back in 2009. That’s a huge gain on his part.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions
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