A Pokemon GO Update Adds Higher Levels and Seasons

A Pokemon GO Update Adds Higher Levels and Seasons

Not too long ago, I was an active Pokemon GO user. I would play it anywhere. If I was a passenger in a vehicle, I would open it up and capture Pokemon around the streets. For some reason, I stopped playing. However, now might be the time to get back into it.

Today, Niantic announced a new update to Pokemon GO. The biggest changes include new seasons, as well as a new level cap. Previously, players could only reach level 40. With the new update, players can now reach level 50.

A new challenge also comes with this – Players who reach level 40 before the end of the year will earn the title “Legacy 40 Trainer”, alongside rewards such as Timed Research. What’s even nicer is that Double XP will be active from November 18th to December 31st.

Another change will be the introduction of Candy XL – Which can be used to power up Pokemon to higher CP than before. These “Candies” can be obtained from catching or converting regular Candy into Candy XL.

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