After Almost Forever, I Am Convinced I Need A Phone Case.

After Almost Forever, I Am Convinced I Need A Phone Case.

Ever since I bought my Samsung Galaxy S7 three years ago, I was convinced I didn’t need a phone case. Who knows why, because this weekend my phone suffered two major causalities which could have been prevented.

The first one was about a two feet drop onto hard concrete. That didn’t turn out very well. Hear me out though – ever since the introduction of Gorilla Glass, companies have been saying that your phone shouldn’t be breaking that easy.

However, the general public knows better – You need a phone case. For the longest time, I wasn’t a part of this group. After spending hundreds of dollars on a phone, I was stupid enough to not protect my phone.

To be honest, the Samsung Galaxy S7 was made to break. The back of it feels like it’s made of glass, and when you have a phone where the edges are “curved”, it’s easier for it to become damaged.

Needless to say, when I get my Note 10 in a few days, I will be buying a phone case.

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