Amazon Announces New Echo Buds, Glasses, and Even a Ring

Echo Buds

Yesterday, Amazon held their annual event, where new products were announced. Lots of new products were announced, but some of them are standing out from others. First off, the company announced Echo Buds, which are wireless earbuds.

For $130, you get a set of earbuds that support the digital assistant. Alongside this, you can also connect another assistant such as Siri or Google. The battery on the Echo Buds last 20 hours on a single charge.

Another product that was announced is the Echo Frames for $180. These are basically smart glasses, but without an augmented interface. They have Alexa built-in, and a speakers for playing music. What’s cool about these is they can link to your phone, to read out notifications. However, these don’t seem all that special – It’s basically just Alexa on your head.

If you are really want Alexa to take over your life, you can also snag the Echo Loop – which is a ring. Once again, this is basically a way to integrate Alexa into your life. It has a small button, which allows you to send voice commands. For $129.99, i’m not so sure about this product.


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