Amazon’s Kindle For Kids Will Finally Force Your Child To Read

It may have taken a while, but Amazon has released a device just for children. They announced the Kindle Kids Edition, which is a child’s version of the Kindle. It releases on October 30, 2019, for $109.99.

This Kindle includes a free year of FreeTime Unlimited, which is a subscription service that provides a library of books for kids. After a free year, the subscription is $2.99 a month. It includes classics such as Mary Poppins, the Harry Potter series, The Hobbit, and so much more.

The Kindle Kids Edition features no ads, no games, and no videos. Kids can spend their screentime reading instead of gaming. Expanding your child’s brain with books can fulfill their imaginations for years to come.

If you don’t want to wait, you can pre-order now.

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