Amazon Echo Show 5 Review: The Only Smart-Device You Need

Amazon Echo Show 5 Review: The Only Smart-Device You Need

For Christmas, one of the things I received was the Amazon Echo Show. While the one I have is the Echo Show 5, it’s still one of the best assistants I have ever owned. This is because of one reason: the screen.

It might not seem like it, but the screen makes a huge difference. No longer is Alexa just a “voice-activated” assistant. The built-in 5.5″ screen is touchable, which means you can control smart-home products without talking to it. For example, you can adjust sliders on lights to change brightness.

Skills such as news and jeopardy are also much more fluid this way. When you ask for the news, you can also watch it. This is a huge game-changer. At the same time, the device also acts as an always-on clock that also displays information. It’s constantly recommending new skills, showing the weather, and the latest news. When something interesting pops-up, all you have to do is ask Alexa for more.

Another great feature of the Echo Show 5 is the camera, which allows for voice calls. With this, you can call anyone else in your home that has an Alexa. In addition to this, you can also make announcements to all the devices in your home. Sadly, you can’t make calls outside of your home.

Realistically, you could call the Echo Show 5 another daily-driver. You will find it assisting you throughout your day. Features such as weather, suggested recipes, and news are always showing on the screen. Not only that, but it’s just another Alexa device. You can set timers, ask it for information, and so much more.

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