The 4th Gen Echo Dot Could Be Announced This Week

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So far, Amazon successfully launched three different generations of the Echo Dot. The first device launched back in 2016, which set the standards for smart assistants. Now, the company has it’s digital assistant drilled into more than 20,000 devices. These include everything from Microwaves, Smart Speakers, and even doorbells.  Even after Google made their own assistant, Amazon still reins supreme.

The company could even announce Echo devices soon. They are hosting an event later this week, where the announcement could take place.

While we don’t know exactly what is coming, it’s likely they will announce the 4th gen Echo dot. Alongside this, they could possibly announce new Smart TVs.

If a 4th gen Echo dot was announced, we could expect a complete redesign, along with better sound quality.

Amazon’s event will take place September 25, 2019. It will start at 1pm EST.

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