An Android Security Flaw Is Allowing Hackers Access To Your Camera

An Android Security Flaw Is Allowing Hackers Access To Your Camera

It seems like we are always having issues with security. A While back, we reported that public charging stations could contain malware. Today, we found out that an android security flaw could allow hackers access to your camera.

According to Google, millions of Android users have been affected. Researchers were able to discover a way to remotely access camera applications, which would allow hackers to take photos, record videos, and even spy on conversations.

What’s worse is you wouldn’t even know this is happening. Instructions could be sent through a remote server, which means antivirus programs would not detect anything.

The security researcher, Checkmarx, was able to create a proof-of-concept. They developed a weather application, which only requested storage permissions.  The application had two parts – The app running on the phone, and a server that would send attacks. Even after you closed the application, the attacks wouldn’t stop. So, what exactly can they do?

  • Take photos and videos and upload it.
  • Wait for a voice call, and record the audio and video.
  • Capture GPS information and use it to locate the owner.
  • Access and copy stored photos and videos.

While this is certainly scary, Google is currently working with Checkmarx to develop a patch for the android security flaw.

Source: Forbes

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