The Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader Will Accept Anyone’s Prints

The Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader Will Accept Anyone’s Prints

Samsung seems to be having an awful month – Two weeks ago, it was discovered the company was giving false benchmarks about the Galaxy S4. Once again, the company is in hot water. This time, it looks like a flaw in the Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader is allowing anyone to unlock the phone with a “screen protector”.

The BBC reports that a husband was able to unlock his wife’s phone, after adding a cheap screen protector. Apparently, screen protectors are adding an “air gap”, which is interfering with the scanning process.

Samsung is now aware of the issue and should be releasing a fix soon. While we wait for a fix, we have two recommendations for you:

  • Remove your fingerprint. There are plenty of other options for locking your phone: Lock patterns, passwords, or even scanning your face.
  • Remove your screen protector. This temporary fix might solve the problem but just remember: your screen will not be protected. Don’t drop your phone!

Most likely, it won’t take the company long to issue a fix. However, this doesn’t this isn’t a big deal: What if someone with malicious intentions stole your Samsung Galaxy S10? They could make purchases on Amazon, or even worse. From the start, the Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Reader shouldn’t have had any issues. The company should be testing things like this.

Update 10/19: Samsung says a fix for this will come as early as next week.

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