Apple iOS 13.2.2 Is Now Available, And It’s a Complete Mess

Apple iOS 13.2.2 Is Now Available, And It’s a Complete Mess

Today, iOS 13.2.2 can now be downloaded onto your iOS device. If you own an iOS 13-Compatible device, you most likely have the update already. Basically, these devices include the iPhone 6S and anything after.

This iOS 13.2.2 update does fix some problems, but things seem to be going in all directions. it’s supposed to fix some cellular and data issues, but that’s not the case. People who were affected by this issue in the past are reporting no changes. In addition to this, people are having problems with data shutting off during a call.

In short, the update is a total mess. Anyway, here are some things that were actually fixed with this update:

  • The update fixes an issue that caused replies to S/MIME encrypted email messages between exchange accounts to be unreadable
  • An issue was resolved where charging would be interrupted on YubiKey lightning-powered accessories.
  • An issue was resolved where using Kerberos sign-on in Safari would present an authentication prompt.

It sounds like Apple needs to start pushing some stable updates.

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