Blizzard Stock Drops While Gamers Call For Boycotts


Blizzard stock has dropped 4% after the company banned a player. Odds are pretty great you’ve heard about Ng Wai Chung. The player from Hong Kong was in the tournament finals for Hearthstone when he shouted, “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution for our times!” The outburst resulted in Chung being banned from the tournament and Blizzard seizing his $10,000 earnings.

Blizzard’s actions against Chung have caused outrage in the gaming community. Many gamers developers have gone against the gaming giant that brought us World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. The angry public have taken to social media to let their rage known. The hashtag #BoycottBlizzard has been trending on Twitter.

One of the former World of Warcraft developers, Mark Kern, let his feelings on the situation out in a twitter thread.

Quite a few players are leaving Blizzard games, but are running into problems deleting their accounts. Blizzard’s customer service Twitter said users who try to delete their accounts are getting “too many attempts” messages, but engineers are currently working on it.

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