Celeste Barber Raised $32 Million for Australia Wildfires on Facebook

Australia Wildfires

Right now, Australia is having a terrible time trying to fight the ongoing Australia wildfires. The wildfires are the worst which have been seen in decades – They began in late July, and started spreading fast. As of now, more than 2,000 homes have been destroyed.

Even though all of this is terrible, we know one thing: the rest of the world is coming together to help Australia as much as they can. Today, we were made aware that Comedian Celeste Barber helped raise more than $32 million ($46 million AUS) to support the fire companies fighting the bushfires.

The fundraiser started on January 3rd, which eventually broke the Facebook record for fundraising. The funds will soon go to the PayPal Giving Fund, which will then distribute the money to The Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund. 

While sometimes this process can take weeks, PayPal has stated they will speed the process up.

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