Deal: Get A Refurbished iMac at Newegg for Only $499

If there is one thing Apple products are famous for, it’s their price. A new iMac will cost you around $1200. Thankfully, deals like this come around. Right now, you can find a iMac at Newegg for only $499.

With this deal, you are saving $700. Sure, it might not be brand-new. However, if a brand-new iMac is going to cost more than a thousand dollars, I would prefer to get a refurbished product.

The product on sale is the 21.5″ inch Apple iMac, with an Intel i5 processor. It also hasĀ  1TB of storage, which should last awhile if you don’t download any games. Alongside this, it also has 8GB of RAM, which is enough. Like other Apple products, it has a beautiful screen.

Even though not everyone uses an iMac, it still works as a great product. It’s fast processors and beautiful graphics make the product perfect for video editors and photographers.

Sure, they might not be the greatest for everyone, but they are still great computers. The iMac’s use an “All-in-one” form factor, where everything is built into the display. Because of this, they usually don’t weigh very much – This one comes in at around 12 pounds.

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