DealerLeads Had 198 Million Car Buyer Records Leaked

DealerLeads Had 198 Million Car Buyer Records Leaked

It seems like leaks are happening all the time. Two weeks ago, phone numbers tied to Facebook were exposed. This time around, 198 million records from car purchases are exposed.  The data includes personal information such as phone numbers, emails, customer names, and even addresses.

What’s worse is all 198 million records were without encryption. Sadly, the company who held the information didn’t take the necessary steps to encrypt it. Encrypting data is super important, considering how many security problems the internet has. It’s almost 2020, and it’s sad to see so many security issues.

The company who held the Data is DealerLeads, which sends leads to car dealerships. The security researcher who found the leak, Jeremiah Fowler, reported to Forbes that he is unaware if DealerLeads notified any affected individuals or parties – this should have been done immediately.

Eventually, the database was patched. However, it was available on the Internet for a few days. During that time, who knows who might have seen it. As of now, the company has taken the appropriate steps to secure the database.

Considering how many security problems the internet is having, it’s become more important for websites to secure personal information. It should be a standard, and it’s sad that some companies are not taking the right steps. When people give out personal information, they expect it to stay in the right hands.

Problems like this is what makes the Internet seem like a bad place, and can lead to some people going offline all-together. The internet has lots of offer, but when people can’t feel safe, they turn around and find somewhere else to go.  It’s about time we work towards an Internet that’s more secure. This means keeping everything secure – even the smallest websites should be using protection.

Source: Forbes

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