Disney+ Accounts Are Being Hacked and Sold Online

Disney+ accounts

It wasn’t that long ago when Disney+ launched. Since then, it’s been a huge success. It has plenty of content to watch, which includes tons of throw-back 1990’s shows. However, the company is already under hot water. Disney+ accounts are being hacked and sold online.

While this might seem bad, it’s not necessarily the companies fault. In a statement to CNN, Disney said “there is no indication of a security breach’.

Instead, it seems that the Disney+ accounts were stolen by other methods. A theory suggests that people were using the same login and passwords for multiple accounts, which were stolen in previous breaches. Once the accounts were compromised, hackers were selling that on the dark web from anywhere between $3 and $11.

If you are locked out of your account, Disney is recommending that you contact customer support. Once your account is restored, make sure you use a safe password. Here’s a tip: a password named “12345” or “password” is very easy to guess.

This isn’t the first issue customers were having with the service. During the first few hours of its launch, people were unable to play content. This is because the service received more than 10 million subscribers in its first few days.



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