Elon Musk Updates the World With SpaceX’s Starship Plans


Last night SpaceX Chief Engineer and CEO, Elon Musk, took the stage in Texas to give an update on Starship. Starship is SpaceX’s newest space vehicle that the company hopes will carry people into outer space.

In the update, Musk stood proud in front of a Starship prototype and announced that through the use of rapidly reusable rockets, they will be able to make space travel a reality. Later that evening, SpaceX shared a small snippet on their Twitter account.

Musk says that while the work they are doing is incredibly hard, it is not impossible. In the next couple of months, SpaceX will be launching Starship without passengers. It is expected to blast off to a 12-mile altitude and return safely to the ground.

Musk chose the specific date of September 28 to make the update. This year marks the 11th anniversary of SpaceX’s first victorious launch using the Falcon 1 rocket.

Eleven years after the successful Falcon 1 launch, we are that much closer to the future of space travel. The CEO hopes that by making more rockets like Starship, space travel will become just like any other form of travel. Instead of flying across the country in an airplane, you could fly to the moon or any other planet.

To see the entire update, a video is available on SpaceX’s website.

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