Facebook Phone Numbers Might Be Exposed To The Public

Facebook Phone Numbers Might Be Exposed To The Public

A few days ago, phone numbers tied to Facebook accounts were leaked online. They were eventually taken offline, and it didn’t seem like a big deal.

However, it looks like they have shown up again on a different server. While the database doesn’t expose as many numbers as before, it looks like up to 200 million users are still being affected. The sad part is we have no idea who is responsible for the leak. Most likely two different parties are involved – The original leak was done by someone else, with another party copying the information and re-posting it after the original take-down.

Some of the fault may be linked to Facebook – this sort of information should be completely secure. You can bet that people affected by this are getting bombarded with telemarketers. According to Facebook, the data was scraped from a server that allows users to lookup friends with phone numbers.

Yesterday, the company released their own dating service. This kind of leak might make people think twice before signing up for that.

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