Facebook Suspends More Than Ten Thousand Apps

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook has suspended tens of thousands of apps. Even though the suspended apps were associated with around 400 developers, Facebook said that not all the apps posed a threat to users.

The social media company has since faced lawsuits, international criticism, and a $5 billion fine as a result of the scandal. Facebook now seeks to improve it’s image and privacy safeguards.

In March of 2018 Facebook launched an investigation into apps on it’s platform involving lawyers, data scientists, and engineers. They have released very little information on the suspended apps and developers.

The apps in question are possibly gathering data to target political advertising. Ime Archibong, Facebook’s Vice-President of Product Partnerships said in a statement on Friday,

“Our review helps us to better understand patterns of abuse in order to root out bad actors among developers.”

After their apps were flagged, some developers were subject to in-depth questioning. Other apps were completely banned for inappropriately sharing data gathered from Facebook or making data publicly available without protecting identities.

One of the apps, myPersonality, was found to be sharing information with researchers and companies with very few protections. They refused to take part in an audit and were banned.

The review is still on going, so we will update as we find out more.

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