Flash Is Dead, And That’s a Good Thing For Everyone

Flash Is Dead, And That’s a Good Thing For Everyone

For years, browser based games and videos such as Farmville were powered by Flash. To this date, they still are – which means bad news for your crops. However, it looks like you won’t be playing any of these games anymore – Unless they are updated to HTML5.

As of 2021, Flash will no longer be supported. To be honest, that’s a good thing – Flash is a massive security issue. Malicious parties can easily inject files into your computer, as well as actually gaining entry into your system. Sure, some of these issues might have been fixed.

However, Flash seems to have issues keeping up with it’s own vulnerabilities. Upon searching Google, you will find pages of complaints and vulnerabilities attached to the plugin.

Considering the technology we have now, it’s about time we moved onto HTML5. We need a safer internet, for everyone.

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