Flight Simulator Lands Next Week. Here’s What You Should Know.

Flight Simulator Lands Next Week. Here’s What You Should Know.

For those of us who are pilots-at-heart, we are jumping in our chairs waiting for Flight Simulator to release next Tuesday. The last Flight-Sim by Microsoft was released back in 2006, so this is a big deal.

Anyway, here’s what you should know when the game lands next week.

The World Is Shared Between PC And Console

Yes, you heard that right. The massive life-size world is shared between Xbox and PC Players.

It Has Real-Time Weather Data.

Is it raining in your town? Launch up Flight Simulator, and you will see the same weather. This is really cool, considering it basically allows anyone to become a storm-chaser.

It’s Best Played With a Flight Stick.

Certainly you can attempt to play the game with a keyboard. However, I would never recommend it myself – even to a beginner. If you really want to put your time into this game, and enjoy it, we recommend getting a flight stick. We recommend this one from Logitech.

There Are 3 Different Versions of the Game.

Depending on how invested you want to get, Microsoft is offering three different versions of the game.  The cheapest option is $60, while there are two other pricier ones that add hand-crafted airports and more planes.

It Will Have Real-World Air Traffic.

Yes, you heard that right. Microsoft Flight Simulator will simulate real-world air traffic. Is there a plane flying over your house right now? There’s a pretty big chance you could follow it in the game.


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