Get a Google Nest Mini When You Buy This 4K TV At Best Buy

Get a Google Nest Mini When You Buy This 4K TV At Best Buy

Every once in a while, retailers offer a free product when you buy something. I remember receiving a free Google Home Mini a few years ago when I bought myself an Xbox One. While searching for deals today, I found something that caught my eye: When you purchase the 65″ 4K TV at Best Buy, you will get a free Google Nest Mini.

This is not a bad television – For $499.99, you get yourself a great 4K television. What’s even greater is it has Roku built-in. You can watch Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and plenty more without having to purchase something else.

In terms of actual specifications, it has a 65.5″ screen which includes HDR and a 2160p resolution. It also has Dolby Vision HDR, which will help provide superior color, contrast, and brightness.

The Google Nest that’s included is worth about $40. This is basically a smaller version of the Google Home (Think of it as the Echo Dot). With it, you can listen to music, get weather updates, news, and even control smart-home products.

Image Source: Best Buy
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