Gunnar Computer Eyewear Can Help Protect Your Eyes


If you are anything like the average computer user, you spend a few hours staring at screens each day. Turns out this is actually bad for your health – Not only can blue light damage your sleeping cycle, but it also gives you dry eyes. Thankfully, companies like Gunnar are developing glasses that protect your eyes.

They have a wide selection of glasses, all of which filters out blue light. In addition to this, the glasses minimize glare and help you sleep better.

The company has plenty of options – Prices for Gunnar eyewear start around $39.99 and go as high as $80.00. The average user won’t need to spend the extra money, so a pair of the Cruz glasses might be a good fit.

I bought my pair of glasses years ago, and I can assure you they make a huge difference. I started sleeping better, and my screen didn’t seem as bright as it once was.  While the price might initially scare you, I promise they are worth every penny. After all, they will actually improve your health and sleep.

Even if they don’t look all that fancy, just remember this: is anyone going to see them on you? They are made to be used where you do most of your work – at home.

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