Here Are All the Winners of Blizzcon 2019

History was made at Blizzcon 2019 this year in more ways than one. A woman took the Hearthstone crown and Team South Korea was beaten in Overwatch. Here’s a recap of all the winners of Blizzcon 2019.


History as made in the Hearthstone Championships yesterday. Xiaomeng “Liooon” Li became the first woman to win the Hearthstone GrandMasters Global Finals. Liooon took her victory from opponent, Brian “bloodyface” Eason, 3-0. Liooon took home the grand prize of $200,000 and had this to say to the crowd,

I want to say to all the girls out there that have a dream for esports, for competition, for glory, if you want to do it and you believe in yourself, you should just forget your gender and go for it.”

Overwatch World Cup

Team USA  took home the Overwatch World Cup trophy this year. This was the first time in a long time that any team has beaten Team South Korea. Team USA was able to beat out their competition in clean sweeps. France 3-0, Sweden 3-0, UK 3-0, South Korea 3-0, and China 3-0. Shane “Rawkus” Flaherty of Team USA told the press,

It feels so good, actually, to finally do it,” he said. “I don’t even have words to explain how I feel right now, it was something that I wanted to do no matter what. I wanted to finally get the win after doing so bad the last two years.”

World of Warcraft 3v3 Arena

In the 12th annual World Championship, Method Black took home the grand prize of $132,000. They had to beat out seven other teams to win. Blizzard has provided a VOD to watch the action unfold.

Starcraft II World Championship

A new Starcraft II World Champion arises and it is Park “Dark” Ryung Woo. Dark claimed the trophy against opponent Riccardo “Reynor” Romiti in a 4-1 victory. Dark had this to say about his win,

Three years ago, I had this same opportunity, I made it all the way to the finals here at BlizzCon, but it didn’t work out. This year I considered it a fresh opportunity, and I really, really wanted to make it happen this time around.”

Mythic Dungeon Internationals

Thousands entered, but only one team was victorious in the Mythic Dungeon Internationals. Method EU battled their way to the top in order to face their fiercest opponent, Method NA. Method EU was able to take home the trophy. Check out Blizzard’s VOD to see the win.

Congratulations to all the champions this year!

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