Here’s More Details About The Upcoming Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Last night, Microsoft took us by surprise by announcing the next-generation Xbox console. It’s being called Xbox Series X, and it will launch in Holiday of 2020.

According to Microsoft, the console will be the most powerful console, which will set a new bar for performance and speed. Its specifications include 4K visuals at 60FPS, which can even sometimes go as high as 120FPS.  It even has support for Variable Refresh Rate and 8K compatibility. That’s nuts.

The whole device is powered by a custom processor, which uses the latest Zen 2 and next-generation RDNA architecture from AND. With this, the Xbox Series X will deliver ray tracing, and a new level of performance “never seen on a console”.

Alongside this, the console will also use “Variable Rate Shading”, which allows developers to get more performance from the GPU. The SSD will also be super fast,w which will almost eliminate load times.

Additionally, the console will have a “Auto  Low Latency Mode”, which gives developers functionality to make the console the most responsive ever.

While all of this sounds great, we will have to wait to see the console for ourselves. We also have one question: With all this fancy hardware, how much must consumers dish out to purchase it?

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