Here’s The Upcoming Playstation Plus February Games

Here’s The Upcoming Playstation Plus February Games

Soon, the Playstation Plus February games will be releasing. It looks like subscribers will be in for a treat – the games coming in February look pretty good. Don’t forget – Playstation Plus is $9.99 a month, which comes to $59.99 for a year. For that price, it’s totally worth it to snag some free stuff every month. Anyway, here’s the list.

Destruction All Stars

This seems to be a “crash and smash” game. You choose your own vehicle, join an arena, and try to the the last car standing.

Control: Ultimate Edition (Ps5 and PS4)

This is what I’m talking about, a AAA game. Fom the developers of Alan Wake, Control puts you in the perpspective of Jesse Faden – who will have to repel invaders using his supernatural abilities.

Concrete Genie

I’ve never heard of this one. In this game, you use a paintbrush to return a town called “Denska” to it’s former bright-self. What’s more here is your paintbrush is magical – it can create genies who aid you in your quests.


Don’t forget, we cover these games every month. Once you’ve checked out the Playstation February games, come back in March!

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