Here’s What No Mans Sky Needs To Succeed As The #1 Space Game

Here’s What No Mans Sky Needs To Succeed As The #1 Space Game

While watching a Twitch Stream of No Mans Sky today, we were discussing some of the missing features and drawbacks of the game. Certainly, Hello Games has the right mindset for the game. However, they could do so much more to immerse players into the world.

Without ranting for hours, let’s discuss some major selling points. First, it seems like each update focuses on “adding new features”, instead of expanding on what we already have. While the introduction of the Nexus and missions were actually interesting, Hello Games should improve the universe altogether.

They need to focus on immersing people in the universe. Right now, things feel too close together, and terrain generation could use some massive improvements. Here are some examples of what they could do:

  • Improve Planet and Terrain Generation.  Upon entering a planet, everything is generated. However, the current generation methods don’t work very well. It feels like planets are missing obvious places such as mountains, more rivers, volcanoes, etc. At the same time, plants are feel the same – heights could be adjusted, which could allow for taller trees and different patches of grass. They seem to have a “Height” limit, to where objects and terrain can’t go any further.


  • Improve the Skybox and Objects Around It.  For some reason, space seems awfully dull. You can’t land on asteroids, and they didn’t even add meteor showers. At the same time, you are currently limited to only a few planets in an area. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to allow players to build space stations.


  • Improve Player Immersion and Planetary Effects.  When you land on a planet, you don’t see many differences. Sure, the creatures and flora change. However, there only seems to be a few different options for the weather. The developers could add so much more, including Tornadoes, Volcanoes, Hail, Thunderstorms, and snowstorms. They could also add random events, such as crashed ships and freighters, alien invasions, meteor impacts, and so much more.

Realistically, I could vent all day on this. No Mans Sky is great and all, but it feels like Hello Games has lost touch with their original idea.

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