Here’s What The PS5 Controller Will Look Like

Here’s What The PS5 Controller Will Look Like

While Sony still hasn’t shown of the design of it’s upcoming console, that’s not stopping them for releasing small details every now and then. Today, the company released images of the PS5 Controller.

After looking at the image above, it’s clear the company has made some big changes to it’s design – The controller is mostly white, which makes us think the console might also follow that path. The controller also seems reasonably larger than it’s predecessor.

Of course, we have some technical specifications about it. The PS5 Controller will use a bunch of new technologies and ideas, which are being called DualSense. One of these features is haptic feedback, which will replace the old “vibration technology”. The premise of haptic feedback is to give better “vibration” immersion in games such as Shooters and Racing games. For example, if you turn right your controller might only vibrate on the right.

Alongside all of this, it will also have new adaptive triggers – which can have resistance adjusted for gameplay immersion. The “Share” button has also been replaced with a new “create” button, which players can just to do many things.

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