iPhone 6 Wont Turn On? Apple Is Fixing Them For Free.

iPhone 6

For people who still have an old iPhone 6 that wouldn’t turn on, it looks like you are finally in luck. Apple has admitted that a component was going bad, which resulted in the phone dying.

The problem is in both the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S Plus. If you still have one of these which was produced between October 2018 and August 2019, the company is offering to fix it for free.

To see if you are eligible, you can visit this page. You will be asked for your serial number, which will help Apple decide if your phone can be fixed. After that, you have the option to go to an Authorized Service Provider or go to an Apple Store. If you don’t have any of these near you, you can also ship the device to an Apple Repair Center.

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