Windows 10 KB4517389 Update Is Causing Blue Screens of Death

Windows 10 KB4517389 Update Is Causing Blue Screens of Death

It seems like Microsoft just can’t release a stable update for Windows 10 anymore. Over the past few months, news outlets have been reporting multiple problems with updates. In the past, these updates have broken the start menu, along with slowing down your entire PC. This time is no different – the latest KB4517389 update is causing Blue Screens of Death on some computers.

This is pretty bad, considering these blue-screens can sometimes be irreversible. To keep yourself protected against Microsoft’s updates, we highly recommend turning automatic updates off. If Microsoft is going to keep releasing bugged updates, there is no point in updating at all – especially if these updates could break your computer entirely.

If this update was installed on your system, you might want to remove it. This can be done through the control panel. Once in the control panel, navigate to Programs and Features, and then click installed updates. Once there, you can select the KB4517389 update and remove it.

Microsoft needs to get its act together. If every update they are releasing is causing issues, what’s the point in making updates anymore? Not only that, but shouldn’t their testing team be discovering these issues before the public does?

Source: Forbes


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