Live Captioning Technology Will Be On The Pixel 4

Live Captioning Technology Will Be On The Pixel 4

While the Pixel 4 won’t launch until October 24th, we are still learning loads about the device. Last night, we learned that Best Buy is offering a promotion for customers who pre-order it.  Today, we have more news regarding Pixel 4. When it launches, it will come with Google’s live captioning service.

What’s great about Google’s live captioning service is that it works with both video and audio. Where most captions are native to certain applications, this will work almost anywhere – except for phone and video calls. You don’t even need Wi-Fi or cellular service – it works directly using your phone’s hardware.

After live captioning launches on Pixel 4, it will also come to the Pixel 3 family sometime this year. Even after that, Google plans to release it to more phones in 2020.

This is a great add-on for phones, considering sometimes you might not use your Volume. Whether you are watching something next to your sleeping wife, or you are in a crowded area, Live Captions will certainly help.

The only question is how accurate is it? It’s pretty good at transcribing audio, even with background noise. It might have a few issues with babbling babies, but realistically, I don’t think anyone can ever understand them.

Source: Engadget


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