Logitech Agrees to Purchase Streamlabs for $89 Million


Logitech is one of the world’s largest computer product companies. Their gaming headsets, keyboards, and mice match well with Streamlabs’ free tools for streamers. The company has agreed to purchase Streamlabs for $89 million in cash with an additional $29 million in stock.

General Manager and Vice President of Logitech, Ujesh Desai says of the purchase:

“We’ve been fans of Streamlabs and their software since we started partnering with them over two years ago. Their industry-leading software is complementary to our existing gaming portfolio, and we believe we can do even greater things together.”

Streamlabs’ CEO, Ali Moiz, had this to say:

“Streamlabs and Logitech both share a strong passion for gaming and a dedication to serving the global community of gamers and streamers. Joining with Logitech allows us to keep doing what we love and be bolder than ever on a bigger stage.”


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