Medivil Remake: The Classic Strikes Again (First Impressions)


Back in 1998, a cult-classic game was released: Medivil. My younger-self spent many hours playing this. When I found it was being remade for the PS4, I instantly dropped $250 and bought a used console on eBay. Yeah, this game is a big deal to me. So, how well is it playing out?

This time around, the classic game was revived by Other Ocean. Back in the 90s, it was designed by Guerrilla Cambridge. Other Ocean did an astounding job keeping the nostalgia there while implementing new features and updated graphics.

While it might take you a few minutes to get used to the control scheme, Medivil is still as great as it once was. The storyline didn’t change at all:

You still play as the old Dan Fortesque, who has risen once again to defeat the Evil Zarok. The same silly gameplay is there while giving it an updated design.  The game will take you around 6 hours to complete if you don’t do the additional side-stuff. There are hidden areas to see, as well as new weapons to get and books to read.

The only problem I noticed with the game was one thing: They didn’t add checkpoints. If you die on a level, you have to go back and do everything all over again.

Even if you never played the original, it’s still a fun game. But for people like me who were super-fans, this remake is a gift from Sony.

Image Source: Sony
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