Microsoft Flight Simulator Review: A Masterpiece For Everyone

Microsoft Flight Simulator Review: A Masterpiece For Everyone

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have been hibernating in my room and flying around the world. I’ve visited everywhere from my hometown, to the glorious San Francisco. To be honest, the reason our Microsoft Flight Simulator Review has taken so long to release is because I just couldn’t put down the controller.

When I first jumped into the Simulator, I was shocked. Microsoft has taken a huge step forward – Everything from the Main Menu, graphics, and flight options were completely different from the last installment. While it took some time to understand, I love the changes. Being able to click on any Airport or City in the world is astonishing.

And Yes – Microsoft has the entire world for you to visit. Which is even more special, In a time where most of us are in Lockdown. You can visit everywhere you’ve dreamed of – From the wonders of Alaska, to the metropolis known as New York City. In the last few weeks, I’ve visited at least 100 cities and many countries.

Of course, we can’t talk about the Simulator without mentioning how demanding it is. Plenty of people are complaining about poor performance online, but what they don’t realize is what the game is doing. It’s giving you petabytes of map data, along with real-world weather data in a constantly-changing universe.

In my eyes, I’m okay with the 20-ish frames i’m getting – because I know what’s going on behind the scenes. However, if performance is that much of an issue, don’t worry. Microsoft is planning to release patches soon.

In short, Microsoft has released a masterpiece which can be enjoyed by almost anyone. You don’t have to go crazy and spend $1,000 on a flight setup. The game doesn’t have to be always about flying – Sometimes it’s about enjoying the glorious scenery.

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