Microsoft Is Adding Optional Xbox Filters To Block Out Swearing

Xbox Filters

In an attempt to make a cleaner community, Microsoft is introducing Xbox filters that can help make your online experience a bit more comfortable. What’s great about this is it’s completely player-set. If you don’t set any filters, nothing will change for you.

There will be four different Xbox Filters: Friendly, Medium, Mature, and Unfiltered. If you don’t make any changes, your account will stay at the Unfiltered level.

However, parents will most likely enjoy these filters. They can set their children’s accounts to “Friendly”, which will then filter out all possible offensive messages.  This works really well, as it will also block out people who attempt to get around the filters.

The only issue we see here is this doesn’t work on voice chats. Microsoft would like to use Artificial Intelligence to “bleep” out certain words, but it’s going to take time to make something like that work. We don’t really have the technology to do something like that just yet.

There will always be ways to get around filters, but it’s great Microsoft is taking additional steps to protect the community. Many gamers are younger, and parents shouldn’t have to worry about what they come in contact with online.

Source: The Verge


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