Microsoft Just Can’t Release Stable Updates Anymore


If you have Windows 10, you know that Microsoft can’t seem to release stable updates anymore. We have reported on this many times – Last year, we reported on five different updates which were giving people many issues.

Once again, nothing has changed. The latest update, known as KB4524244, was causing so many issues Microsoft actually had to remove it.

Some of these issues include everything from system freezes, crashes, and even bricked some computers completely.

However, users who already have this update installed are left in the dark. You will have to remove it yourself. To do this, you can do the following:

  • Type “Update History” in the windows search bar.
  • From here, choose “Uninstall Updates” and then uninstall the KB4524244 update.
  • From there, restart your computer.

With all these issues, maybe Windows users should turn off Automatic Updates.

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