Minecraft Bedrock and Cross-Play Coming to PlayStation 4

Minecraft Bedrock and Cross-Play Coming to PlayStation 4

December 10 marks the day that PS4 Minecraft players are waiting for. Not only are PS4 players getting the bedrock edition, they will also be able to play cross-platform.

Before now, PS4 players only had access to the legacy edition. Now they will be able to play the newest content including character creation and bees. The bees live in hives and nests, and will only attack when provoked.

PlayStation 4 was the only platform that was not originally involved when Minecraft cross-platform first came about. Tomorrow that will no longer be an issue as PS4 will finally be included. Players will still have to create an Xbox Live account, but do not have to have a Gold account.

Tell us what you think about this in the comments! Is it about time PlayStation got involved? Did they take too long or do you think it’s a bad idea all together?

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