Minecraft’s “Super Duper Graphics” Pack Is Now Canceled

Minecraft’s “Super Duper Graphics” Pack Is Now Canceled

While it might not seem like it, Minecraft is still a popular game. It has a growing player-base, and the game is constantly being updated with new features. Not only that, the PC version is capable of using texture packs and mods to expand the game.

Ever since the game was released, these “texture packs” have been competing to make the best graphics possible. Back during E3 2017, Microsoft even announced a “Super Duper Graphics Pack”.

The goal of this pack was to give Minecraft an entirely new look. However, it looks like Microsoft has chosen to abandon the project. On a blog post, they announced the texture pack would be too “technically demanding” to work on the game.

If players still want to attempt to upgrade the in-game graphics, they can still download third-party shaders and texture packs.


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