23 Million YouTube Accounts Have Been Compromised

23 million youtube

It seems like we can’t go one week without someone breaking something on the Internet. This time, it looks like YouTube accounts have been compromised. According to a post made over at Forbes, more than 23 million YouTube accounts have been hacked.

While most of these accounts seem to be owned by popular content creators, the list is growing. People are heading over to social media to complain, stating that access to their accounts have been lost.

An investigation into the subject seems to believe the effort was done in a phishing campaign. Emails were possibly sent to accounts, sending people to a fake login page. Once there, the information was basically handed out.

What’s worse is that some of these 23 million Youtube accounts were using two-factor authentication. According to a report by ZDNet, the attackers most likely used a reverse-proxy toolkit, which intercepted 2FA codes sent to phones.

Google is a huge company, who should be taking better measures to protect it’s users security. If we can’t trust Google to take the appropriate steps, that means many other big-tech companies might also have security issues.

Multiple news outlets have reached towards Google for a statement. We will update you if we hear anything.

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