Multiple Reports Believe Jeff Bezos’ Phone Was Hacked in 2018

Jeff Bezos' Phone

While we hear about security breaches all the time, you would think Jeff Bezos’ phone is secure. However, it looks like it wasn’t in 2018.

Multiple reports believe that Jeff Bezos’ Phone had spyware on it, which was delivered by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2018. Apparently, the spyware was delivered via a WhatsApp account.

He even went as far to hire a forensics team, which concluded that the phone was indeed compromised, and that the hack originated from an account owned by Salman. In a post over at CNN, a source told them this conclusion was met with “medium to high” confidence.

On Tuesday, Saudia Arabia denied that they were responsible for it. The embassy stated the following on twitter: “Recently media reports that suggest the kingdom is behind a hacking of his phone is absurd.”

They have called for an investigation, which will hopefully give the public a clear answer.

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