No Man’s Sky Review: An Out Of This World Game

No Mans Sky Beyond

Let’s go back in time: a few weeks ago, I snagged myself a copy of No Man’s Sky. This was my first time playing it – ever since the beginning, the game has been receiving criticism. If it wasn’t on the shelf at Walmart for $5, I would have never discovered how fantastic the game really is. The strange part here is I wasn’t aware of an upcoming update, called Beyond.

After spending over 40 hours in this game, I don’t understand why the game doesn’t get more love. Let’s start at the obvious – the game is endless. Yes, you heard that right. Sure, you can beat the story missions. However, it’s literally impossible to see the entire game.  After doing a few google searches, we discovered it would take someone 585 Billion years to complete the game. This is because the game is almost infinite – It has a wide variety of 18 Quintillion planets, all which flourish with life, plants, and weather. Some of the plants will be easy, but some of them will kick your butt.

So far, my travels brought me to a wide variety of planets. A few of them have extreme temperatures, and some have dangerous winds and radiation. Not only that, but some wildlife will want you dead. The universe is not your friend in this game, and that’s what makes it so immersive. Let’s not forget to mention these planets are huge – You can discover buildings, aliens, or just scan wildlife and flora for credits using your Multi Tool.

Of course, these planets won’t always be easy to find. Venturing out of your solar system requires spaceship upgrades, which we discuss later. Alongside that, each planet takes time to travel to. The game is very realistic – If you don’t go top speed, it can literally take you hours or days to get somewhere.

We can’t leave here without talking about a few things. Let’s take a minute to discover the Multi-Tool. This is your “day-to-day” tool. You will use it to mine plants and minerals, as well as removing copper and other ores from the ground. Everything about the tool is upgradable – You can add upgrades such as weapons, scopes, and more.

Of course, you can’t get anywhere without your ship. Like the Multi-Tool, it’s completely upgradable. You can add new weapons, upgrade existing equipment, and so much more. However, your upgrades will eventually be pointless, because you can also buy better ships throughout your travels.

To be honest, we could talk about this game for hours. Instead, we invite you to explore No Man’s Sky for yourself. Forget about all the criticism you have heard, and give it one last chance. You won’t regret it.


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