No Mans Sky Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

No Mans Sky Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

From the moment you set foot in No Mans Sky, the game can be overwhelming. Even after spending countless hours in the game, I still haven’t seen anything. To make your experience better, we have outlined some No Mans Sky tips and tricks everyone should know.

These No Mans Sky tips and tricks include some of the basics, as well as some not everyone will know. Enjoy!

Scan/Rename Everything

While this might seem a bit boring, scanning everything does give you units. It might not be much, but it can help get you money early on. Also, if you upgrade your scanner module, you will get even more units.

Rename Bases After Important Locations

Do you see somewhere you might want to come back to? Put down a base, and rename it. For example, if you find an Ice Planet, you can teleport to it later.

Always Bring Extra Fuel

I can’t count how many times I’ve made this mistake. You land on a planet, and there is no Di-Hydrogen anywhere in sight. Your best bet is to reload a save from a few hours ago. To save yourself from this torture, bring extra fuel.

Upgrade Your Protection

You will find yourself dying a lot on certain planets. Thankfully, the Exosuit Researcher at space stations can sell you upgrades for heat and cold protection.

Talk To Everything

When at a space station, talk to everyone in sight. This is a great way to learn languages fast, as well as sometimes find missions and upgrades.

Collect Scrap Metal and Ancient Bones

If you are looking to make some fast units, you can collect scrap metal and ancient bones. These items can be sold on the Galactic market – anywhere between 50,000 and 1,955,000 units.

How many hours have you spend in the game? Even after hundreds of hours, you will still find things to do. Let’s not forget the most recent update added plenty of new things to do!


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