No, The Playstation 5 Will Not Use Gaming Cartridges.


Every once in a while, we hear about some leaks that make no sense at all. This time around, leaks of a “Playstation Cartridge” are suggesting that the upcoming Playstation 5 could user cartridges.

This literally makes no sense at all – Cartridges were used on older systems, such as the Sega Genesis and the Atari 2600. Let’s not forget that even CDs and DVDs will eventually be “out of date” – These days, everything is downloaded.

Just because Sony filed a patent, doesn’t mean it will turn into a physical product. However, we have a few ideas. First off, Sony could be patenting the “idea” of a gaming cartridge for a future product. We haven’t seen a Portable Playstation be designed in a long time.

This product also looks like a memory card – Which brings out another idea. Back when the Playstation 1 was released, the company had to file a “patent” for its memory card. Considering that patents can actually expire, so maybe this is sony renewing that patent.

However, don’t count on one coming out, if ever again. The last one they made was the Playstation Vita, which didn’t sell all that well. This is most likely nothing to even think about.

Patents are filed all the time. Patents are basically an idea – They don’t exactly mean a product will be released. Basically, this is nothing to even worry about for now. It could mean something, or it could mean absolutely nothing.

Image source: LetsGoDigital
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