Oops. Smart Speakers Can Be Hacked With Just A Laser.

Smart Speakers

It looks like owners of smart speakers have something else to worry about. According to an article over at Forbes, the device can easily be hacked with a laser.

Researchers from the University of Electro-Communications were able to test this by aiming lasers at the microphone, where an electrical signal is made. They were able to use “light commands” to basically mimick a voice.


What’s worse is these attacks can be done on almost anything – not just smart speakers. The researchers successfully tested the idea on the Facebook Portal, the Fire TV Cube, a Galaxy S9, and even the Google Pixel 2. Who knows – this vulnerability could even be used on other untested devices.

In the video above, they were able to ask Google the time. However, more malicious actions could easily be done. Hackers could unlock doors, turn on lights, and so much more. For this to be fixed, the design of the microphones will have to be changed. Thankfully, the researchers are working directly with Amazon, Apple and Google to help solve the problem.

Thankfully, there are some things we can do to help protect ourselves now. You can turn on “speaker recognition”, which limits access to users who have registered their voice.

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