The Playstation 5 Will Launch Holiday 2020

Playstation 5

Over the past few weeks, we have been hearing alot about Sony’s upcoming Playstation 5. However, none of it was official information from Sony themself.

This time, we finally have a release date for the Playstation 5 – the console will release Holiday 2020.

One of the biggest improvements to te PS5 seems to be the solid state drive – sure, the console will have better graphics. However, an SSD can improve loading times on a wholr new level.

Alongside this, the controller will also have major improvements. Thanks to a blog post by Sony, we know the controller will use haptic feedback. This feature will help double-down om immersion, giving you a sense of whats going on around you.

The controller will also have adaptive trigget buttons, which developers can use to immerse players even more. Sony gave a great example – when a playrt uses a now, they will be able to “feel it”.

When we hear more about the console, we will update you.

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