Playstation Hits Now Includes Watch Dogs, God of War, and More

Playstation Hits

Every once in a while, a game does so well it gets added to the “Playstation Hits” roster. This list includes some of the greatest games ever released on the console, such as Resident Evil 7 and Mad Max.

What’s great about this is that all games on theĀ Playstation Hits roster are locked into $20. This means cheaper games and more sales for Sony.

Anyway, more games are being added to the collection. Starting October 4th, seven new games will be added:

  • Far Cry 4
  • God of War
  • Gran Turismo Sport
  • Rayman Legends
  • The Crew
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  • Watch Dogs

In other news, we also know which games will be included in Playstation Plus next month.



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