The PS5 Will Have Backwards Compatibility For All The Hit PS4 Titles

Backwards Compatibility

When it comes to news about the upcoming Playstation 5, we can’t get enough. Recently, we learned the console will have backwards compatibility for most PS4 games.

During a press conference a few days ago, Mark Cerny took a deep-dive on the console specifications. While it was hard to watch for the average gamer, they did give plenty of details on the Playstation 5. In a statement, he said “We recently took a look at the top 100 Playstation 4 titles, and we’re expecting almost all of them to be playable at launch.”

Sadly, it looks like this backwards compatibility might cost gamers. He also stated that backwards-compatibility is “extremely expensive”. Whether or not that will effect the price is something we don’t know, as of now.

Alongside this, we also learned some specifications of the upcoming console. It will support 3D audio, 4K gaming, and even 8K resolution. Sony also seems very happy with the speed – The console will use an SSD, a 8-core CPU, and a GPU based on AMD’s Navi hardware.

Strangely enough, we still haven’t seen what it will actually look like.

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