Public Charging Stations Can Easily Contain Dangerous Malware

Public Charging Stations

When you are traveling, you need to charge your phone. Sometimes you are forced to charge at airports and other public charging stations, which could actually be dangerous.

According to an article over at ZDNet, these USB-based charging stations can easily be loaded with malware.  Unless your phone is plugged directly into a wall outlet, you don’t know what could be happening.

Malicious actions can easily be hidden in the background, where third parties can do things such as watch your entire screen.

The LA District Attorney has sent out a warning, which calls the problem “juice jacking”. Hackers can load malware into the charging stations, through cables. The malware can do things suck as lock your device, export data, and even watch your screen – as depicted above.

They offer several tips – The first one is to use an AC power outlet. They also suggest bringing your own chargers, as well as carrying portable chargers for emergencies.

Alongside this, you can also get yourself a “USB Condom” – which acts as a security measure between you and Public charging stations. These devices are awfully cheap – You can purchase the Juice-Jack Defender for only $14.95.

Realistically, just bring your own charger and you will be safe.

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