Riot Games Celebrates Ten Years By Announcing Four New Games

Riot Games Celebrates Ten Years By Announcing Four New Games

Ten years in any industry is nothing to sneeze at. Riot Games has announced four more titles are going to be added to its library. League of Legends is the company’s only game so far.

Riot is busy working on four different genres of games, which is a massive undertaking. The games include a first-person shooter, a collectible card game, an RPG, and a side-scrolling fighting game. At this time only one of the games has a name, but the others are codenamed.

The card game, Legends of Runeterra, will be a free-to-play digital game based on League of Legends. It is currently open for registration and will be available for PC and mobile in 2020.

Riot GamesRiot GamesRiot Games

Project L is Riot’s fighting game. It was announced at the company’s 10th-anniversary event but is nowhere near release.

Project A is a character-based tactical FPS. Each character has their own special abilities that will be an important part of the gameplay. The RPG dubbed, Project F, is based on League of Legends. It is still in the early development stages and the timeline for release could extend to after 2021.

Alongside all of these announcements, we also reported the company was making a mobile version of League of Legends.

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