Samsung Galaxy Note 10: My First Impressions About The Device

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

About a week ago, my older phone decided to take a leap of faith, directly to the pavement. Sadly, this meant many cracks appeared on the screen. While it wasn’t bothering me initially, the screen started to die out and I was forced to upgrade. Out of all the options, I chose the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Once I got over the high price, the phone turned out to be something I would love. Let’s go ahead and address the biggest game-changer with this phone: the S pen. Using the PEN, I can write notes on the screen, and even use it for gestures. However, it’s just nice to use it for everything. Fingers can get dirty.

The screen is also beautiful – it’s about 6.3 inches big, with 16 Million colors. Let’s not to mention it has HDR10+, which can help improve the quality.

If you combine this with Dolby Atmos, you can get a great experience for watching shows or playing games.

Another thing to mention is the three cameras. While it took me a day to get used to it, I finally understand why they are there. The camera has plenty of functions, such as Bixby Vision and Slow-Mo recording. I have yet to record my dog running in slow-motion.

If there is anything that bothers me about the device, there is only one thing: the bezel is missing. The camera is literally “hovering” over the screen, which makes things feel weird.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was worth the price. You can argue that $949 is a lot, but thankfully Verizon allows me to make monthly payments.

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